Startup Experience LAUNCH

This two-day entrepreneurship boot camp is ideal for students and first-time entrepreneurs who are ready to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey. All you need is a positive attitude and willingness to put all your energy into building a new company in two days. We form new startup teams based on your entrepreneurial skills and guide you through an intense process where you learn what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

Check out the video below to see what it looks like in action.

Startup Experience Launch is an intensive 2-day training program created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

This transformational workshop is designed to inspire young people to become change makers. We introduce participants to the entrepreneurial mindset and provide hands-on training in high-impact entrepreneurship. Participants develop their creative capacity, entrepreneurial confidence, and acquire the skills to build scalable ventures that solve real problems.

Objectives: Train the next generation of social change makers and effective problem solvers. We will inspire the participants to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset and teach them the tools and tactics necessary to turn big problems into exciting opportunities for new ventures.

Participants: 20-200 people (the more diversity the better in terms of skills, experience levels and backgrounds)

Workshop Venue: Large room with movable chairs and tables

Mentors: 1 mentor per 10 participants (ideally successful alumni and local social entrepreneurs/entrepreneurs/investors). More info on the role of the mentor:

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