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I got the opportunity to be a part of Henrik’s lecture at Stanford University. It was easily one of the most informative, captivating and interactive lessons I have been a part of. Henrik taught us about creativity, improvisation and ideation. He also talked about how each attribute could be inspired and evoked both individually and within a group. Those respective attributes, I believe, are among the most significant factors that an individual and a team can possess for their aspiration to progress both in the business world and in life too. I couldn’t have asked for a better speaker to talk about these subjects.

Kevin Adato,
Stanford University, USA

The Startup Experience at Leiden (Holland) was a great and exciting adventure. Henrik Scheel is an inspiring speaker and his drive and passion make the experience unique. During the two day event Henrik explains the basics of business and hands the attendees the tools they need to solve real problems and to build a healthy business. Henrik constantly challenges his students and persuades everyone to participate. The program is perfect for anyone who wants to start a business but also for anyone who wants to learn how to solve problems in a structured and creative way. I would recommend the Startup Experience to anyone who is looking for a challenge.

Vincent van der Wel,
Area71, Holland

I just finished attending the startup training program here in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea - all the way in the South Pacific! My friends and I who run a small business together had the best training session ever through Henrik's startup experience program. We had been in business for a while but were not doing many things right - Learning to know the tools and what to do and not to do has given us all a new sense of purpose- I'm fired up - my partners are all fired up and we're looking forward to pursuing new ideas that we developed over the two day training as well as change the way we used to operate ours. Truly a game changing experience for me. I've got a whole host of new contacts and people I've come to know who I can contact should I need their area of expertise! Phenomenal Training, one that comes highly recommended from us here! Thanks Henrik for the Startup Experience!

Joshua Kais,
Kumul GameChangers, Papua New Guinea

I attended the Startup Experience training over 2 weeks ago. I thought I made the best decision ever to attend this training that Henrik delivered. I wanted to start a business but just didn’t know how to do it. Henrik's energetic way of engaging everyone to impart this knowledge made the whole experience the best I have ever participated in. I think my life is about to change because I am choosing a life of an entrepreneur.

Josephine Yos,
Kumul GameChangers, PNG

I attended a workshop by Henrik at Stanford University this past month and it was simply amazing. Henrik's charisma and public speaking skills are one of a kind. We learned about the untapped $20 Trillion Market for female consumers. There is a gap between people who design, test and invest in the products, and the actual demographic of people who buy it. Without a doubt, Henrik is the guru of entrepreneurship at a global scale thanks to his experience in empowering entrepreneurs to become successful. He's knowledge in regards to the lean startup model is outstanding. He's a personality and I am beyond grateful to his support. He is truly an inspiring leader in Silicon Valley and the rest of the world. Go Startup Experience!

Pedro Espinoza,
Stanford University, USA

Where do I begin? The whole startup experience was a massive eye-opener. From start to finish I gained invaluable knowledge and skills. From reframing my whole approach from focusing solely on my product, which now thanks to Henrik I realise is flawed and insular, to regearing the focus to the problem faced by the market. No one cares about your product. They only care about their problems. Looking back it seems like very common sense stuff but as is the key takeaway from the program its all about the thought process behind decisions and not so much the actual solutions. The premise that it is actually best to fail and fail fast and early via minimum viable product testing is something that so fundamentally went against everything that I knew about business. But yet again it now appears startingly obvious. Honestly can't say enough good things about Henrik and the professionalism with which he organises and executes his program. Personally a life changing experience reaffirming the need to keep learning and improving. Definitely a must do for any serious entrepreneur.

Shane Ninai,
Kumul GameChangers, Papua New Guinea

Startup Experience has a great program for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit. In the vanguard of entrepreneurial theory, they teach the latest authors like Steve Blank and Osterwalder, and they create awesome workshops in order for entrepreneurs to learn to think, fail, move on and work tirelessly on an idea: enhancing execution. I definitely enjoyed being part of this experience.

Oscar Gonsenheim,
TEC de Monterrey, Mexico

The Startup Experience workshop was one of the most transformative and enlightening experiences I have had since beginning my college career. The skills that I gained through this workshop will help me succeed in all aspects of my life and have inspired me to be a social innovator in our globalized society. I highly recommend that anyone who is given the opportunity to participate in this workshop do so. Thank you to Henrik for his passion and enthusiasm and to everyone who planned and executed such a fantastic workshop!

Saffiate Ba,
Colgate University, USA

I attended the workshop at UCLA, and it was an amazing and inspiring experience. The coaching team was great at taking us through the learning process. Henrik is a great presenter, and I was amazed by the dynamic and passion shared by people ready to take risks and start their own company. Before the workshop, I did not know what was the process to create startup ideas, but now I want to be part of this community, and I feel better prepared.


Attended the workshop in San José, Costa Rica. The energy that both Henrik and Eme brought and their passion for entrepreneurship is something to behold. They are not only passionate about it but focused on how to teach it, convinced that they are helping the world become a better place. The tools taught are invaluable and I must admit I hope I can share their thoughts and ideas with many others and help them change their lives the way I know this workshop has opened my eyes and will be a vital part of many changes in mine.

Jack Raifer,
San José, Costa Rica

He disguised himself as Henrik but he’s actually the Energizer Bunny. Henrik is a really charismatic guy bubbling with energy and eager to impart knowledge. The event I attended at Santa Clara University hosted by him has to be one of the best/most productive weekends of my life. Our team actually stumbled onto something really cool and I might spend the rest of my life working on it. And no, that is not an exaggeration. The event was planned really well and even though you essentially spend two days sitting inside a room “working” on your ideas, it never feels like work. There’s never a dull moment if Henrik’s doing an event around you, I’d highly recommend you attend it. It will change the way you think.

Yajas Dwivedi,
Santa Clara University, USA
I attended the workshop at Colgate and have to say that The Startup Experience was amazing. Henrik (the person leading the workshop) is extremely enthusiastic, helpful, intelligent, and ready to have productive conversations. He was inspirational and provided us with the environment, knowledge, tools, and experience to have a unique and productive mindset when approaching entrepreneurship. Great program, highly recommend it!
Farzad Khosravi,
Colgate University, USA

I was a part of the workshop in Costa Rica and it was an excellent experience. The amazing part of it all was that I was able to use everything I learned really fast. I’m taking a course at the ITCR (where I study) where we have to develop an idea for our graduation project and the things I learned with Henrik and Eme are super useful. I think I’ll be forever thankful with these two for what they taught me.

Laura Mora,
San José, Costa Rica

I recently attended the Startup Experience at Dartmouth College. I wasn’t sure what to expect when signed up, but I was interested in learning more about entrepreneurship and decided to take advantage of the opportunity. I am glad I did, as I gained many new perspectives for approaching problem solving. Henrik’s positive energy was extremely contagious, and I immediately became engaged in the problem at hand. The workshop was both fun and informative – although it took place over a day and a half, it seemed much shorter since my mind was absorbed in the task. This event has gotten me excited about developing some of my ideas into potential entrepreneurial ventures in the future. An educational and inspiring experience!

Gina N.,
Dartmouth College, USA


I attended to the ideation workshop at ITBA in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I can say that it was an awesome experience and it opens your mind, regarding how to lunch a new business. Henrik is a great speaker and everything was very well organized, so you can follow the conference and the tasks we needed to solve in a very easy way.
At the time you can imagine that the two days I expended in the workshop were highly productive and very intense. In addition gives you the opportunity to meet other people and work with them as a team.
Excellent program, and the best for Henrik and the people that works with him that make a wonderful job!

Agustín Martínez Grigera,
ITBA, Argentina

I attended the Startup Experience at PESIT, Bangalore and it was brilliant! It was a truly unique experience that inspired my team to start our own company. Thank you Henrik for your positive energy, enthusiasm and great advice, and thank you Intel for bringing us together to be part of something extraordinary!

Aquila Khanam,
PESIT Bangalore, India


I attended the workshop at Colgate. In 2 intense days, I have learned a lot about entrepreneurship: from researching about customers’ problems, generating ideas, building business models to pitching. And Henrik, with his energy and enthusiasm, made the workshop not only educational but also very fun and inspiring. 2 days is a great time- commitment to me, but I wish the workshop were longer!

Bùi Phurong Linh,
Colgate University, USA

As a clinical psychologist interested in social entrepreneurship, I was delighted to have the opportunity to participate in the Startup Experience workshop at Dartmouth College this past weekend. Henrik’s presentations were sharp, funny and to-the-point and his feedback was insightful. He would be a thoughtful, energetic, resourceful member of any startup team and I only wish the workshop could continue!

Caroline Friedman Levy,
Dartmouth College, USA


I attended the workshop at Dartmouth College just this past weekend. It was a great experience. After two days of interactive learning of entrepreneurship along with intense time management and teamwork training, I learned much about Henrik and his entrepreneur ideology. His energy and enthusiasm helped making the experience immensely valuable. It was informative, entertaining, and most importantly inspiring. I would recommend students who are interested in entrepreneurship partaking his events.

Chenghui Xu,
Dartmouth College, USA

Dear All I’m Elmelki Anas From Tunisia I’ve been participating in the Program of Training of
Trainers (ToT) EFE training in partnership with Intel with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and PNP NAPEO (Partners for a
New Beginning), 9th 10th and 11th Nov 2012, it was really a unique and nice experience beyond all Expectations. the Trainer Henrik Scheel wass really Great,he started by presenting the logic framework of the program which consist in focusing on developing ideation and innovation skills among students by giving them an opportunity to a work on a real social challenge. the two
days workshop was done with student by dividing them into 10 groups of 4 to 5 person each one and each coach took a team to work with me i took
the 7 team and what makes me really proud also that my team has won the
competition when presenting their idea to the team!

Elmelki Anas,
Intel Program, Tunisia

The StartupX workshop hosted at Colgate University was an incredible experience. The skills
that I gained through this workshop will enable me to be more successful in whatever career path I choose. I especially enjoyed the competition aspect of the program and being able to present a pitch in front of an experienced panel, which I believe is a unique opportunity for a college student. Henrik was a fantastic teacher and inspired the groups to think outside the box. This workshop was a great success and I highly recommend the program!

Jenny MacGregor,
Colgate University, USA

I participated in this wonderful workshop at Aarhus University. The energy and drive from the organizer and facilitator team was amazing. It was hard work, encapsulated in a fun and inspiring learning. After this 2 day workshop I am better armed for ideation than ever before. I got tools, insight and experience i can use in almost every process where ideation, creation and creativity is in the pride of place. Thanks Startup Experience – Henrik, Lasse and the rest of the team!

Jonas Laurien,
Aarhus University, Denmark


I was part of one of his workshops in Mexico City in collaboration with GEC and I have to say that I was absolutely amazed by this experience. Henrik has undoubtedly an innate talent which permits him to connect to each and every single participant through his inspiring and helpful speeches and presentations. I am really happy that I was able to attend to this experience, this has been a fantastic week. Thank you Henrik and everyone else involved in this event.

José Gabriel,
TEC de Monterrey, Santa Fe, Mexico

I just finished a “startup-experience” weekend in Denmark. Together with a team of other students we had to be innovative, trying to solve some educational problems by innovating new solutions. The process was very educational. Very simply put, we started from the beginning, how to define a problem we would like to work on. Then we went through the whole process, covering everything from how to define a problem, to eventually create a business model, that considered financing, distribution channels, basically the whole aspect of launching a new product. Eventually, after two very intense (but very educational) days, we ended up with a solution to a problem. We had to do a “Pitch”, which was a huge challenge, but also really fun to try. In the end, I had a great weekend, got into contact with some really cool people, and of course I learned much about entrepreneurship. I also learned that the idea is not enough by itself, the motivational drive is a key factor of success. I would recommend this program for anyone who has the slightest interest in entrepreneurship, or if you are just out to meet some inspiring people! All the best for everyone who attended this weekend, I had a great time. Marco

Marco Demontis,
Aarhus University, Denmark


I attended the workshop at Bangalore, India. I must first of all say that the 2 days of the workshop were the days I’ve spent most productively. Ever. I never imagined I would be able to keep up the kind of energy and spirit working as hard as we did on the 2 days. But the great thing was, it didn’t tire me, or bog me down. It was so much fun to work the way we did. I got to work with people I didn’t know, and I got to know them through the work we did. A lot of times we were put completely out of our ‘comfort zones’ but there was a lot to learn from that. The ‘buddy group’ critiques was a great idea too. And our biggest sources of inspiration were Henrik and Manav, who constantly guided us through the whole workshop. The environment that they created for us, was just electrifying. It was a workshop that I know I can be proud to say “Hey! I attended it!”. There’s just SO much to learn from it, and yet you have so much fun! Who doesn’t like THAT? I want to go again, if there’s an opportunity, except I wish it was longer. Waaaay longer! Cheers and many thanks to Henrik, Intel and everyone else involved in it!

IIM, Bangalore

I was lucky enough to attend the Microsoft Imagine Cup Accelerator 2013, for a week long training course on getting your app off the ground.
Two of the best speeches we were given by Henrik from startup experience! They were really inspiring and gave us all really good info on how to pitch our ideas, and plan our projects and ideas! Thanks Henrik!

Ryder Donahue,
Microsoft Imagine Cup, USA


The Startup Experience program at Colgate was awesome and well worth my whole weekend. It helped me gained entrepreneurial skills in a logical and innovative way. It truly did what it was supposed to do – planting seeds for thoughts and skills, and inspiring. The instructor was friendly and a great leader. There is so much to learn both from the instructor and the program. I would definitely recommend this program to all of my friends.

Trang Nguyen,
Colgate University, USA

I was unfortunately only able to attend the second day of the Startup Experience at Colgate University. However, I can safely say that the one day I was there I was inspired, not only by Henrik, but the by the people that were also participating in the program. As an entrepreneur it is always a delight to see other people who have the same passions and the same interests in changing the world that you do. This past summer I worked at a venture capital firm in New York City that invests in small tech startups. I was able to meet many of the CEOs of the portfolio companies. One of the most inspiring, and life changing experiences was feeling the passion that was radiating from these individuals. THAT is what I felt at Startup XP. I have been in a past ventures that have failed and am currently in a new one. If I had known what I know now through Startup XP I would have been sure to have made further progress in my first venture. THIS IS A PROGRAM THAT ALL ENTREPRENEURS SHOULD EXPERIENCE. The many different aspects of finding and solving a problem are clearly laid out and well contrived. The experience was not only educational but so much fun. I learned a lot from this past weekend and it did not even feel like we were doing work. I am glad to have spent my Sunday doing it. It is an investment in knowledge and a way of thinking. I wish the best of luck to anyone trying to start a business. It is a risky business and venture but hopefully you take this program, and you will learn to thrive.

Yuni Sameshima,
Colgate University, USA

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