Module 3

Action items today

  •  5 min: Summarize what you’ve learned so far (to be used in the final presentation)
    • Which experiments have you done (interviews/prototypes/simulation/pre-selling) and what have you learned from these? What data points did you get and what decisions did you make based on the data – how did you pivot?
  • 10 min: Review your business mode in Gdrive and add details to your model with your mentor
  • 10 min: Know your numbers (CAC, LTV, fundraising goal) Focus on getting more specific in terms of market size, costs for the next 18 months of running your business, estimated total profits you plan to make per customer (LifeTime Value per customer)
  • 10 min: Fill out this sheet in preparation to finishing your landing page: //
  • 10 min: Update your landing page on


Below you can find the evaluation framework and the term sheet template the VCs will use on DEMO DAY to evaluation your presentations.

Example of what your final pitch could look like (first 10 minutes)