Module 1

Workshop instructions for today:

  • Overview of Gdrive + SIF platform
  • Business Model 1st draft
  • Select riskiest assumption
  • Develop strategy on how to test customer hypothesis + problem hypothesis (What do you need to test?, who will you talk to?, how to contact them?, what is your script?, when will you do it?
  • Develop/revise customer interviewing script
  • Schedule and plan 1st mentoring session

Tasks to complete before October 6th

On October 6th every team will present for 3 minutes. The presentation should include: What you set out to test, how you tested you hypothesis, what you learned, what you will do next.

Tasks to complete before Oct 6th:

Create an online version of your business model using GDocs template

Conduct 5-10 customer interviews to validate need + product idea

  • What is the risky assumption you’re trying to test?

       (is there a need?, is there a market gap?, can you make money?)

  • Where will you find your customer?
  • How will you contact them?
  • What will you ask during the interview?
  • Who’s taking notes?

Analyze the market for size and competitors (conduct online search to learn about your problem, the context, existing players in the industry)

Use insights to come up with a new idea we can test in phase 2.

How to select your customer segment?

How to narrow your customer segment

What to ask during your interview