Workshop Instructions

Entrepreneurs are ALWAYS pitching – we pitch to sell our products, to recruit talented new employees, to raise money from investors, to establish good partnerships etc. etc. It is therefore crucial for all entrepreneurs that they learn how to be a powerful presenter and that’s what today’s module is all about. We will discuss the structure of your pitch and use a series of exercises to become better presenters.


  • Create the right structure for your startup pitch
  • Write a story about the problem you are solving
  • Develop a product demo to explain your product/service
  • Analyze your market
  • Describe your revenue model
  • Practice body language, handshake and intonation
  • Deliver your pitch and get feedback from the other teams


Please have all students fill out this short survey about the program:

Slides for Module 8

Additional resources:

Great book on pitching:
The Startup Pitch: A Proven Formula to Win Funding

Example of a 2-minute pitch:


Pitching Hacks (pdf book)
Pitch deck formula
Pitch deck template:

Collection of resources can be found at