Workshop Instructions

In this module we’ll cover the core elements of the LEAN Startup Method and how can we use it to quickly test the riskiest assumptions in our business model. You’ll learn how to state your assumptions and how to create small experiments to test these.

You will discuss with your team what you currently don’t know about your business, write down all these assumptions. Now discuss how you can test your assumptions to either validate that you’re right or find out that you’re wrong about your current assumptions. 


  • Update Business Model using Startup Canvas
  • Clearly describe current assumptions
  • Pick top three riskiest assumptions
  • Write a script for your customer interviews
  • Plan how you will conduct 10 interviews with customers before next session.
  • Prepare MVP experiments to test assumptions

Slides for Module 5

Additional resources:

Create a cool demo video for free here:

Instructions on how to create a script for your problem interviews: