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Alexa Fitzpatrick

Alexa teaches social entrepreneurship at the Aspen Institute’s Resnick Aspen Action Forum and recently contributed to the educational curriculum for a video game that develops entrepreneurial skills. She splits her time between Aspen and San Francisco and is always on the lookout for problems that need sustainable solving.

Henrik Scheel

Henrik is the founder and CEO of Startup Experience. He is a Danish serial entrepreneur now living in San Francisco.

Lasse Chor

Lasse Chor founded his first company when he was 13, and hasn’t stopped innovating ever since. Lasse is also the happiest man alive.

Christina Hug

A Canadian entrepreneur and maker enthusiast, Christina is a lifelong learner and lover of side projects. She specializes in building and growing global communities.

Manuel Morato

Manuel, Mexican entrepreneur who’s passionate about creating positive change in Latin America through technology entrepreneurship and innovation.

Hannah Russin

Hannah Russin is a startup veteran with broad experience in both B2B and B2C user acquisition. She has helped numerous startups communicate their vision.

Alex Portilla

Alex is continually looking to find ways to use business to create innovative market based solutions to social and environmental challenges.

Joshua Neubert

Josh is dedicated to the pursuit of a better world. He finds all areas of scientific discovery, creativity, and entrepreneurship critically intriguing.

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What we believe in

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

We believe entrepreneurship is a state of mind. It’s a way of approaching life and being proactive by creating your own opportunities.

We believe that every big problem can be seen as a big opportunity.

We believe in finding solutions over excuses.

Entrepreneurs don’t just accept things for the way they are, they challenge the status quo.

Our definition of entrepreneur revolves around real innovation and impact.

We believe that you can change the world.

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