Social Innovation Fellowship

Congratulations on your decision to become a change maker!
– we need you to make the world a better place!


We are super excited to bring the Startup Experience entrepreneurship program to
4Front Baltimore to create the Social Innovation Fellowship (SIF).


SIF is a brand new initiative at 4Front that empowers Jewish teens in Baltimore to transform community challenges into exciting new opportunities. 4Front has partnered with Startup Experience to develop a program that combines Jewish values with best practices in entrepreneurship education. The goal of this program is to inspire, train, and mentor teens to become successful social entrepreneurs with the mindset, confidence, and skills to solve big problems!


The 9-month fellowship kicks off with an intensive 2-day Startup Experience boot camp on August 24-25. It then continues on with monthly meet-ups featuring virtual video lectures from experts in Silicon Valley, mentoring sessions with local entrepreneurs, an exciting trip to Israel in December, a pitch session in February, and a final DEMO DAY in May 2018.


Read below to learn more about the 2-day Startup Experience boot camp in August to prepare for this intensive experience:


The 2-day Startup Experience is a unique opportunity for you to learn what it takes to become a successful social entrepreneur. You will hear from experienced global entrepreneurs and  work in teams to transform a big problem into a new opportunity for a startup company. During the two days, you’ll learn what it means to have an entrepreneurial mindset, how to be more creative, how to test your innovative ideas, and how to build a real viable company in just two days. We will take you through the entire process starting from scratch: Team creation – Problem definition – Customer segmentation – Market analysis – Idea creation – Business Model Generation – Customer validation – Prototyping and Pitching.


Preparation for the workshop:
There are no prerequisites for the program and you do not need to already have an idea for a company. However, we highly recommend that you spend some time researching specific problem areas that you would like to work on during the workshop. Every team needs to define one specific problem for one specific user segment that they want to solve. The problem you choose will be crucial to your startup’s success and the more you know about this problem and the people affected by it, the more likely you are to develop a good idea that you can turn into a successful startup company.


Find a problem you are passionate about and do some research to learn: How big is the market opportunity if you solve this problem? How many people are affected about this problem? How does it affect them? What solutions are currently on the market and why do they not work well?


Team Creation: You will be working in startup teams of 3-4 people per team. The teams are formed on day 1 of the boot camp in August using a process that considers your individual skills and personality types.


This program is for anyone interested in being a change maker – the tools you’ll get can be applied in all industries and in all careers. You don’t need to have a business idea to participate – all you need is a lot of energy and a positive attitude. (see video below for more info).


WE NEED MENTORS so if you are an experienced entrepreneur / social entrepreneur / investor, and you would like to be part of this awesome experience please e-mail Diana here.